About Us

~Over a quarter of a century has passed since the first Forever Friends Bear was sketched. From that day to this, one thing has never changed: their dedication to helping people express love and friendship. Come with us as we take a merry skip down memory lane…

The First 25 Years of Hugs


Working from her little studio in Bath, artist Deborah Jones sketched the very first Bears. Greetings card king Andrew Brownsword saw them, loved them and put them on his cards. They soon became the most popular cute cards in the land – loved by young and old alike!


The Bears were soon dancing and hugging their way onto greetings cards everywhere, and were given the name ‘Forever Friends’.


The brand’s distinctive style had now established itself as the first choice for those wishing to send messages of love, friendship and warm sentiment – and became known as ‘a hug in an envelope’.

Seven successful years after the first Bear was drawn, the design of the cards was refreshed and updated to include fancy borders and pretty frames. How sweet!


Brightly-coloured floral bouquets and soft patterns. Aaaaw….

A brand-new range was launched called ‘Between Friends’, focussing on the love and friendship shared between younger fans and the Bears.


Another new range evolved – this time for older friends. The Bears were presented in a sophisticated hand-drawn, sketchbook-style on luscious, top-quality card.

An amazing 13 years later, Deborah Jones said farewell to her little Bears and handed the Forever Friends reigns to the talented team of Hallmark illustrators.


A gorgeous ‘Pastels’ range introduced a new, fun-loving cheeky side to the Bear’s personality. Warmer colours and longer messages helped bring the new range to life – with a fizz and a pop!


Brightly-coloured floral bouquets and soft patterns inspired by nature were the stars of the show in 2003, forming the basis of the popular Classic Core collection.

An Exciting, New Era (And Just As Cute As Ever!)


Everyone’s favourite Bears were soon happily skipping into the 21st century, with a fresh, new look and a crisp, clean font. www.fovereverfriends.co.uk was launched and to date has attracted over 300,000 members worldwide.

In 2009 the first Forever Friends album was released and proved hugely popular with fans of the Bears. The third album, ‘Mum in a Million’ was so popular it reached No.1 in the UK charts!


Forever Friends opens an official Facebook page and begins to attract a loyal following of friends and fans from all over the world. Join in the fun at www.facebook.com/Forever.Friends.x

The Bears started Tweeting their cute thoughts and curious musings – as well as announcing info on all the latest news and competitions. Don’t forget to follow the Bear @FFofficialbear


In Forever Friends 25th Anniversary year the website is given a new look, with oodles of brand-new content. It was the year of the Queen\\'s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics - and the Bears celebrated accordingly with some gorgeous new animations, artworks and major competitions!


The famous Bears are now the stars of some major new animations which premiered on social media. ‘Snugglin’: 25 Years of Forever Friends’, and ‘The Magical Fairy Bear’ received well over 2 million Likes - and counting!

The look of the brand has been refreshed once again for 2015, with three exciting new looks. Watch out for them in a store near you!